Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9th


The first one isn't exactly carved, but it is made of wood and put hubby built a workbench for himself today, and I got to help! He is so excited to go and start filling it up now!

Carved reminder on our wall...

And, the remnant of Christmas decorations, that sadly should be packed away. It is, after all, March already! So...I will work on that this week I think! My favorite Christmas decoration by far - first to go up, and usually last to go down...

Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8th


While I briefly thought I could post a picture of my kids, they actually were pretty quiet today! ;-)

So as I thought and listened, I heard the sound of my washing machine. Not overly loud, but when I forget that I have started a load I have been known to wonder if we are experiencing a thunderstorm or small earthquake when it hits the spin cycle. But - wow! What a blessing to not have to wash clothes by hand!

Then, of course, their is the vacuum...also a lifesaver if you don't like sweeping that much!

And the gift of music...although these are not allowed to be played in the tight quarters of the vehicles (for danger of driving parents CRAZY!) - they are doing a wonderful job of learning to make beautiful music come out of these - with a minimum of squeaks and squawks even!

And a very good loud...LOVE listening to music as we go about our day! Makes even house cleaning somehow fun!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catch up to March 7th

Well...amazing what having sick kids for a couple of weeks - then trying to play catch up from those weeks can do! Haven't been taking, editing, or posting the pictures - but have some from what has popped into my head during the time I wasn't able too! I just took one for each of the catch up days - only because I was inspired! Here goes:

February 22nd: 3 GIFTS THAT CHANGED TODAY - the girls and their temperatures change lots over those two weeks, and I was grateful they finally went and stayed down!

February 23rd: A GIFT OF TIN, GLASS, WOOD - My piano...not exactly tin, but metal - as well as wood, and used to have a mirror on it, which counts as glass! It was my Grandma's and is something I treasure and am so grateful to have brought on our move!

February 24th: 3 GIFTS BEFORE 11 AM - we have started to all try and do a better job of making our beds in the morning - partly to motivate me! This morning, the girls not only made their beds, but cleaned their room and laid out their pajamas for tonight. So sweet!

February 25th: A GIFT WORN OUT, NEW, MADE-DO - my sewing machine, that used to be my mom's. I remember her sewing so many things on it - and am so grateful to have it now. It doesn't get near as much use as it could - but when something is worn out - or new and needs a hem or something like that - this is so nice to have on hand to help those things make do!

February 26th: 3 GIFTS SEEN AS REFLECTIONS - not exactly a clear reflection, but I love watching my husband practice his bass guitar. When I sit in front of him, I am at the perfect height to see mine and the girls reflections in the front panel...

February 27th: 3 UGLY-BEAUTIFUL GIFTS - okay, this is a hard one for me! But I'm not particularly fond of pepper...and am I the only one that just thinks it looks like dirt when you put it on top of food? Nonetheless - all it takes is a little pepper sprinkled on something they don't like to (usually) help my daughters eat it without complaining. Yep...they are their Daddy's girls!

February 28th:  3 GIFTS FROM THE PAST THAT HELP YOU TRUST THE FUTURE - One of my most special wedding ring quilt. Sewn together by my mother, with help by so  many special ladies in my life....

March 1st: 3 GIFTS AT 3 PM - okay...this picture of some of the girls all tucked in their little box just made me think of the many days snuggled up watching a movie when the girls were sick. Not fun to be sick, but those were special times nonetheless...

March 2nd: 3 GIFTS GREEN - my Cuttlebug...if you're not crafty, it is an embossing/die cut machine. It kind of makes me happy...

March 3rd: 3 GIFTS WORE - rubber gloves - and their pink! Or at least mine were...fortunately we were able to find some for Michael that are at least purple. Save the hands so much doing dishes in a dry climate!

March 4th: 3 GIFTS HARD TO GIVE THANKS FOR - Ah...the Blackberry - provided so kindly by his job. Grateful it doesn't ring or vibrate as often as it could!

March 5th: 3 GIFTS FOUND - Cute toy in the window - enjoying the sunshine! Just made me smile...

March 6th: A GIFT BENT, BROKEN, BEAUTIFUL - books, Michael's books - I'm one of those people who likes to dog-ear my books. I know, I know...but then they are like old friends when you come back and read them again...

March 7th: 3 GIFTS IN THE KITCHEN (today) - and all the way to today! The kitchen is always an easy one - this is my blender. We have recently fallen in love with daily smoothies - and this is put to use nearly every day. LOVE having a spot on the counter for it - and something that can handle anything we throw in it!

My calendar - recently relocated in here. I hadn't had a good spot to put it, and was constantly getting confused on dates, appointments, and such...

And...this isn't exactly IN my kitchen - but I can peek out across the sun room and look out at this. I'm torn between being ready for spring, and hoping for a little more snow. Got a slight dusting last night, but not really enough to count. We'll see what the next couple of days brings!