Thursday, January 31, 2013

February 1st

Today's challenge was to find: 3 GIFTS RED - and at first I was struggling on this one. I absolutely LOVE the color red...but almost had trouble at first finding things around that were red. Once I started, it was then hard to stop! So I have a few extra today...

My red spends a lot of time in my hands every day as I correct and check the girls schoolwork. I guess it makes me think of the blessing of correction - as hard as it can be. And while this pen has the power to mark something wrong and show the correct answer - it also is what I use to put a star or encouraging word next to a job well done...

My one and only travel cup - I love it so much! It accompanies me to church nearly every Sunday, and on road trips. In our cold new Wyoming world - it is just the right size to wrap my small hands around for warmth.

I know Christmas is past, but we got these mini all natural candy canes on a recent trip to Salt Lake City. They were at Whole Foods, and an after Christmas sale - and who doesn't love candy canes any time of the year? A little sweet treat...

One of my favorite Willow Tree figurines - inspires me to always be that captivated with something small and beautiful and intricate and amazing.

Red crafty heart gets so happy looking at this. Some of my favorite Unity stamps - even the smell is inspiring to me!

Baking important - although interestingly something that is challenging to me at this high elevation of 7,200 feet. It seems that you need different amounts - and can I just say we have had some SUPER fluffy pancakes on occasion? Still, it would be hard to do much without it...

And lastly - these red flowers have traveled through several different houses with us...they are probably so dusty that I should throw them out - but there is just something about them I love. Haven't quite figured it out - but I love them here, sitting over some of my favorite pictures ever. All perched atop our entertainment center where they have plenty of opportunity to be seen.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 31st


This was part of my youngest daughter's schoolwork today...what is more of a gift than to have her pick Jesus as her favorite Bible character...and to top it all off, do you notice that beautiful handwriting? Enough to make a mother giddy!

Now this is a bit of an older picture...but it is sometimes hard to make him sit still for a picture - and I really love this one! What a gift my husband is to me...

This is actually a row of 4 pictures - all painted by my for each season of the year! They are lined up over my dining room table - and make me happy that she shared her gift with me!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 30th

Today's prompt: 3 OLD THINGS SEEN NEW:

What book is older than the Bible, but allows me every day to see something new? 

This cabinet was my Grandma's. I have so many memories of going to her house for Christmas or a family get together, and when she sold her house and downsized, it was one of the things that I received. It is even more scratched and dinged - especially after a 1,000 mile move, but each scratch tells a story. And the treasures it holds - all little pieces of my past...

And this was given to me by my husband, before we were married...right before the first time he told me he loved me. He had been at our house one evening, and when he left and I climbed the stairs to go to bed, I found this and a vase of flowers in my room. I'm pretty sure my mom was in on it! But saying I love you is something that is easy to allow to get old...and I want every day to see it for the treasure it is...

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 29th

I have a few extra pictures today...because I just couldn't possibly choose! Today's prompt: A SONG HEARD, A SOFT WORD, LIGHT SEEN...

The first pictures are the girls spontaneously pulling out their instruments this morning to play - many happy songs heard in this house this morning!

Next, a soft word - one of my favorite things to do to the girls, is get close to their ear like I'm whispering a secret, and ask, "You know what?" They are finally onto me pretty well, and usually sigh and say, "You love me!" I hope they never forget those words softly spoken to them every day that I am able, usually more than once...

And finally, the moon this morning, just before the sun started to come up. It was big and beautiful - and I could have looked for hours. The light does shine brighter in the darkness...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 28th

I noticed just now as I get ready to post this, that yesterday was actually the 26th, not the 27th...oops! But I think I'm going to stick with this schedule for not, especially since I will be posting at the end of the day usually - that way by email it will be the right day anyway. So without further ado - here are the 3 for today's prompts: 3 GRACES FOUND IN FRIENDS.

This first picture hangs by my scrapbook/craft corner. It was made by my much loved sister-in-law. Whenever I turn to look out the window at the snow or wind - or earlier in the year the thunder and lightening - I think of her and smile...

This next set is a treasured gift from many friends - the ones in our old church family when we moved away. It was made by Sauk Mountain pottery - just a little ways away from our home and church in Washington, and was a gift to carry with us to Wyoming. And a treasured gift and memory it is. Sits right in front of the stove top in the kitchen, and every time I look at it I try to take the reminder to pray for one of the special people who gave it to us.

And finally - a peek at some of the many Christmas cards that graced our house this year. They were hung surrounding this archway - some were from old and dear friends, some from new friends that I am deeply grateful for, and many from family far and wide. I will take them down eventually, but for now, we are enjoying them!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 27th

So...I obviously fell off the bandwagon last year. I just got so far behind that I couldn't make it up. I kept trying, and it was only time consuming, and not helping me notice blessings in a thankful way! I decided just today that I would try it again - but not worry if I missed a day - or try too hard to make it anything amazing and fantastic. I am doing it for me - and if it blesses someone else, then that's even better! 

I have been reading the book "One Thousand Gifts" and reading the author's blog, A Holy Experience, and she has a calendar with prompts to encourage different ways to look for God's gifts. So when I am able to, I am going to try to take pictures using those. There are 3 for each day, adding up to 1,000 in a year. I might do extra some days, or less on others - and obviously I'm starting late, but I'm not going to try to catch up. I'm going to jump in right where I am. 

So without further ado, here are the pictures for today - 3 GIFTS IN THE KITCHEN:

This is one of the first things I look at in the morning - and the last things at night. Today, I was so thankful to see our temps get all the way up to 42 degrees! We walked leisurely down the road to get the mail. With the sun peeking through the clouds, it was a warm and beautiful opportunity not to miss.

This is one of the places I spend a lot of time standing next to - where my two daughters sit for snacks, meals, and just to visit while I'm working in the kitchen. Such a wonderful place with many memories forged - and yet to come.

And this little corner - I'm especially noting here the hand beaters. They were my Grandma's - and I have so many memories of using them at her house. I think whipping cream was made with those at every holiday function at her house. It was more work than an electric mixer...but so much fun. And we now carry on the tradition here with our girls. They usually each take a turn, then either Daddy or I will finish off the job - but I think whipping cream tastes better when it is made this way. With time whipped in along with air...