Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21st

Today's Prompt: 3 GIFTS WHITE

Today was an easy one to get a few more than 3! The first couple...while I would love for it to be more snow, at least we enjoyed a few lazy snowflakes floating down! Not really even enough to stick any more, but fun and pretty nonetheless!

And a blank piece of paper - is anything so fun? Clean and crisp and clear - ready for what ever story, recipe, note, or anything you can imagine to fill it. 

One of my favorite things - my electronic cutting machine! LOVE this thing so much - and have spent so much fun time playing and crafting with it!

Lace...a simple thing really, but so pretty! Makes me think of weddings, babies, and beautiful things all at the same time!

Kleenex...when you have a sick little one in the house (or, are sick yourself) you appreciate this more than ever! I baked up some SUPER yummy bread that I started last night. Seriously the EASIEST recipe I think I have ever made - so in love with it! And I love the feel of flour on my hands (although it rarely stays just there...I am kind of a messy cook!) - but it makes me feel so homey and domestic!

And...even though they aren't exactly "white" - I couldn't leave you without a couple pictures of the yumminess! (Recipe HERE if you want to check it out!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20th


Nothing like your morning vitamins to start the day! Got these cute vitamin holders for the girls so that they can get their own vitamins - so much easier for mommy! And they are cute!

Then lunch, I was inspired to try out a new recipe - a healthy one, and BOY were they yummy! I am very big on eating healthy, but you know those recipes that just sound like they are too healthy to taste good? This was one of them - but they turned out super good! (You can find the recipe HERE if you are interested...I just changed it and used 4 whole eggs instead of egg whites, and added a couple heaping tablespoons of ground flax)

And water...this actually qualifies for all three meals. Our water at our new house smells and tastes like sulfur. We spent the first month or so buying and hauling drinking water - before we discovered this wonderful water filter! LOVE not having to haul water - and having it still taste good!

And dinner tonight...what else with a sick daughter? Chicken Noodle Soup. Comfort food like no other...

February 19th

Didn't get a chance to post this yesterday - and actually only have one picture (such is life with a sick daughter to take care of!) - but wanted to at least post this one picture. The prompt for this day was: 3 GIFTS THAT WERE "PLAN B'S"

While sitting and folding laundry yesterday, I asked my daughters about some socks I had seen in their dresser - brand new that they never wore. I was told they didn't fit - they were too tight. Well...(thinking, that was a waste of money!)...I suggested they bring them to me and we could give them to someone else if they were going to wear them. Feeling a little silly, I thought I would try one on. Much to my surprise - they FIT! Perfectly I might add! They both tried them on again and confirmed that they thought they were too tight. I guess I like my socks a bit tighter than them, huh?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17th


Today I stayed home with my oldest daughter. She had been feverish, emotional, and a bit miserable the day before, and even though she didn't seem to have a fever early this morning, I could tell she still wasn't feeling well. I'm glad I kept her home this morning, since her fever ended up over 102 later this afternoon. When she asked Daddy to read to her from the Bible - I decided to snap a few pictures of my man reading God's Word to us:

And Katie, listening intently...

...until exhaustion and not feeling well took over.

Amy also listening...

And I have been talking about it for days, and finally got around to making muffins for my family. A small thing - but a blessing to be able to provide for my family.

And a clean sink...something so wonderful about all the dishes being done - at least for the few seconds it lasts!

Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15th

Since I happen to be ahead of the game, I am auto posting this the evening before - since we will be gone from early tomorrow morning through late tomorrow evening! Today's prompt is: A GIFT IN LOSING, FINDING, MAKING SOMETHING. 

These are all from our Valentine's evening! Now the first one, I admit is a bit of a stretch for losing - but my sweet husband brought these home for us on Valentine's evening! The downside was that they were priced for our little town - which means LOTS! So...the losing was money - does that work? Either way - they were beautiful!

Finding - now that was easy! I'm so glad we found each other - and keep finding new things out about each other! My poor husband was kind of tired here - can you tell? 

And was our fun Valentine's dessert! Homemade brownie, cut in heart shapes with a cookie cutter, topped with ice cream, and homemade raspberry freezer jam...YUM!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th - Valentine's Day

Another day, and another time I couldn't just take 3 pictures...even now I could go on and on! Today's prompt - 3 WAYS YOU FEEL THE LOVE OF GOD - can you see why I couldn't stop? A better question is how do I NOT feel the love of God?

First and above all - it is whispered in the pages of his Word - in His love letter to me and all mankind. What greater love is there than the love he demonstrated already?

And heart shaped chocolate surprises for my daughters this morning - and their sweet excitement and joy at their discovery!

Little spreading raspberry jam in a heart shape on the toast to go with our soup for lunch today - my kids delighted with this little celebration of love today.

Both my sweet daughters - that God would love me enough to fill my life with their laughter, joy, and love. 

The ring I wear on my hand, that reminds me of the man God gave me to share my life with. Nearly 13 years of marriage, and through it all I know that God put us together - and shows His love for us each day that we learn a little better how to love each other...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13th

Today was another one of those days when I went a little overboard - couldn't pick my favorites! Today's prompt was: 3 GIFTS BEHIND A DOOR - and once I started looking, I couldn't stop!

This first one is hiding in our walk in closet to surprise the girls for Valentine's tomorrow morning - a couple boxes I made and filled with chocolate, and some balloons!

Next, I thought of the often used band-aid stash in our bathroom cabinet - at just the right height to be reached by little ones with scrapes and cuts...

One of my favorite cupboards in the kitchen to open - in my favorite baking corner! There is just something about cinnamon and spices that makes a person happy!

A well stocked (and HUGE pantry) - one of the many wonderful blessings of our new house.

Candles...Can I just say how MUCH I love a good candle?!?!?!? This is our yummy cupboard in our laundry room full of sweet smelling candles and such.

And along the yummy smell theme - I also love yummy scented soaps! Can't help myself!

The closet in the hall stuffed with cozy blankets - something that sees lots of use this time of year! Nothing like snuggling with a blanket while watching a good movie or reading a fabulous book...or tucking one around whoever might not be feeling well...

And finally - love the closet in the girls room - with spots for them to hang things right at their own level! Now to just teach them how to use them all the time and not the floor...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12th

I missed a couple of days - but I'm still sticking to my plan of not worrying about it - and just doing it when I am able too! So much less stressful that way!

Today's prompt was a challenge - but in a good way: 3 HARD EUCHARISTEOS - and if you haven't read the book, that pretty much means 3 challenging things to be thankful for (or at least, that's what I think it means!) What was challenging about this - is that it was actually a pretty good day! Funny that it was hard to think of things that were hard to be thankful for! So here is my best shot...

Dishes aren't exactly my favorite thing in the world - although I usually find myself enjoying the process of washing them when I actually take the time to do them. My worst challenge is putting them off until they are either piled up hopelessly, or dry and crusty and so much harder to wash! But I'm thankful for the dirty dishes that attest to the food God has always provided for us to eat.

Today was a pretty and sunny day - but it was incredibly windy. I have always loved the wind, so that wasn't hard, but it was also pretty cold, especially with the wind! It did make me miss the warm and windy storms in the Pacific Northwest...but I was so grateful for the nearly ever shining sun!

And one thing, that while not consuming - is still a bit hard...I still miss everyone back home lots and lots - but I am choosing to be thankful for where God has placed us. And today it was easy to be thankful while watching my friend's kids, then spending some precious time visiting. So thankful for new friends!