Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21st

Today's Prompt: 3 GIFTS WHITE

Today was an easy one to get a few more than 3! The first couple...while I would love for it to be more snow, at least we enjoyed a few lazy snowflakes floating down! Not really even enough to stick any more, but fun and pretty nonetheless!

And a blank piece of paper - is anything so fun? Clean and crisp and clear - ready for what ever story, recipe, note, or anything you can imagine to fill it. 

One of my favorite things - my electronic cutting machine! LOVE this thing so much - and have spent so much fun time playing and crafting with it!

Lace...a simple thing really, but so pretty! Makes me think of weddings, babies, and beautiful things all at the same time!

Kleenex...when you have a sick little one in the house (or, are sick yourself) you appreciate this more than ever! I baked up some SUPER yummy bread that I started last night. Seriously the EASIEST recipe I think I have ever made - so in love with it! And I love the feel of flour on my hands (although it rarely stays just there...I am kind of a messy cook!) - but it makes me feel so homey and domestic!

And...even though they aren't exactly "white" - I couldn't leave you without a couple pictures of the yumminess! (Recipe HERE if you want to check it out!)

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