Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th - Valentine's Day

Another day, and another time I couldn't just take 3 pictures...even now I could go on and on! Today's prompt - 3 WAYS YOU FEEL THE LOVE OF GOD - can you see why I couldn't stop? A better question is how do I NOT feel the love of God?

First and above all - it is whispered in the pages of his Word - in His love letter to me and all mankind. What greater love is there than the love he demonstrated already?

And heart shaped chocolate surprises for my daughters this morning - and their sweet excitement and joy at their discovery!

Little spreading raspberry jam in a heart shape on the toast to go with our soup for lunch today - my kids delighted with this little celebration of love today.

Both my sweet daughters - that God would love me enough to fill my life with their laughter, joy, and love. 

The ring I wear on my hand, that reminds me of the man God gave me to share my life with. Nearly 13 years of marriage, and through it all I know that God put us together - and shows His love for us each day that we learn a little better how to love each other...

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