Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15th

Since I happen to be ahead of the game, I am auto posting this the evening before - since we will be gone from early tomorrow morning through late tomorrow evening! Today's prompt is: A GIFT IN LOSING, FINDING, MAKING SOMETHING. 

These are all from our Valentine's evening! Now the first one, I admit is a bit of a stretch for losing - but my sweet husband brought these home for us on Valentine's evening! The downside was that they were priced for our little town - which means LOTS! So...the losing was money - does that work? Either way - they were beautiful!

Finding - now that was easy! I'm so glad we found each other - and keep finding new things out about each other! My poor husband was kind of tired here - can you tell? 

And was our fun Valentine's dessert! Homemade brownie, cut in heart shapes with a cookie cutter, topped with ice cream, and homemade raspberry freezer jam...YUM!!!

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