Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4th

For today - 3 GIFTS FOUND WHEN BENT DOWN. I ended up with a couple of extras...

I hadn't noticed how crisp and clean the reflection from our washer and dryer was until I sat on the floor and started looking around me from that perspective.

Of course, I decided to sit in the nice warm I took a picture of that too! Who DOESN'T love a good sunbeam? (I must be part cat...)

Then I turned around and looked at my craft table from the floor...I have to say, it looks a bit cleaner from here!

Then I sat on the soft and thick area rug in our living room. Despite the fact that things can easily get lost in it (for example, while sitting here I found a chocolate chip nestled in it...) - it is super soft and comfy. So I took a pic of the girls feet and hands that can't help but burrow into it's comfy softness!

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