Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13th

Today was another one of those days when I went a little overboard - couldn't pick my favorites! Today's prompt was: 3 GIFTS BEHIND A DOOR - and once I started looking, I couldn't stop!

This first one is hiding in our walk in closet to surprise the girls for Valentine's tomorrow morning - a couple boxes I made and filled with chocolate, and some balloons!

Next, I thought of the often used band-aid stash in our bathroom cabinet - at just the right height to be reached by little ones with scrapes and cuts...

One of my favorite cupboards in the kitchen to open - in my favorite baking corner! There is just something about cinnamon and spices that makes a person happy!

A well stocked (and HUGE pantry) - one of the many wonderful blessings of our new house.

Candles...Can I just say how MUCH I love a good candle?!?!?!? This is our yummy cupboard in our laundry room full of sweet smelling candles and such.

And along the yummy smell theme - I also love yummy scented soaps! Can't help myself!

The closet in the hall stuffed with cozy blankets - something that sees lots of use this time of year! Nothing like snuggling with a blanket while watching a good movie or reading a fabulous book...or tucking one around whoever might not be feeling well...

And finally - love the closet in the girls room - with spots for them to hang things right at their own level! Now to just teach them how to use them all the time and not the floor...

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