Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12th

I missed a couple of days - but I'm still sticking to my plan of not worrying about it - and just doing it when I am able too! So much less stressful that way!

Today's prompt was a challenge - but in a good way: 3 HARD EUCHARISTEOS - and if you haven't read the book, that pretty much means 3 challenging things to be thankful for (or at least, that's what I think it means!) What was challenging about this - is that it was actually a pretty good day! Funny that it was hard to think of things that were hard to be thankful for! So here is my best shot...

Dishes aren't exactly my favorite thing in the world - although I usually find myself enjoying the process of washing them when I actually take the time to do them. My worst challenge is putting them off until they are either piled up hopelessly, or dry and crusty and so much harder to wash! But I'm thankful for the dirty dishes that attest to the food God has always provided for us to eat.

Today was a pretty and sunny day - but it was incredibly windy. I have always loved the wind, so that wasn't hard, but it was also pretty cold, especially with the wind! It did make me miss the warm and windy storms in the Pacific Northwest...but I was so grateful for the nearly ever shining sun!

And one thing, that while not consuming - is still a bit hard...I still miss everyone back home lots and lots - but I am choosing to be thankful for where God has placed us. And today it was easy to be thankful while watching my friend's kids, then spending some precious time visiting. So thankful for new friends!

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  1. Love ya Heather...I so enjoyed spending some time with you and thanks again for helping with my kiddos AND for the toothpaste sample. I am sold! :)