Friday, February 8, 2013

February 9th

Well...I kind of wasn't feeling too well for a couple days - so I missed them. Still not feeling 100% - but definitely better. But I'm sticking with my plan to not try to catch up, but start where I am.


A little more of a challenge. I started with this - the unexpected discovery of a treasure trove of scrapbooking stickers that I didn't know I still had. The girls were in LOVE!

Then came the really unexpected...I set my camera down to help Amy with something for a minute, when all of a sudden - CRASH!!! Down went my you might be wondering where the grace is? My first thoughts weren't that direction - but then I realized that in EVERYTHING, there is something to be thankful for. My daughter who knocked it down wasn't hurt. My camera was (fortunately) still okay. Only a broken lens. Could have been much worse. So I calmed my pounding heart and gave thanks in that moment. And right there - unexpected grace!

Lastly - I had been hoping for snow today. We keep thinking we'll get some, then only ending up with almost nothing. Well, today was the same - but we still got a little! Mostly enough to enjoy watching it come down, but a pleasant surprise anyway!


  1. Oh, bummer about the lens! That's a nice one too! :) I broke my smaller lens already, but it was from vibrating on my quad. But, at least that is a cheaper replacement!

  2. And, by the way, not sure what calendar you go by over there in WY, but it's still February 8th here!