Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8th


While I briefly thought I could post a picture of my kids, they actually were pretty quiet today! ;-)

So as I thought and listened, I heard the sound of my washing machine. Not overly loud, but when I forget that I have started a load I have been known to wonder if we are experiencing a thunderstorm or small earthquake when it hits the spin cycle. But - wow! What a blessing to not have to wash clothes by hand!

Then, of course, their is the vacuum...also a lifesaver if you don't like sweeping that much!

And the gift of music...although these are not allowed to be played in the tight quarters of the vehicles (for danger of driving parents CRAZY!) - they are doing a wonderful job of learning to make beautiful music come out of these - with a minimum of squeaks and squawks even!

And a very good loud...LOVE listening to music as we go about our day! Makes even house cleaning somehow fun!

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