Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Memories - Day 73

Last evening was a bit of an accomplishment for me! I scrapbook our pictures by year - and usually keep at a rate of about a year behind (always with the dream of catching up - but I figure as long as  I don't get more behind I'm okay!) Well, I have been a bit behind for a while now - but last night I finished up the end of 2010! So now...I can begin working on 2011, and maybe close the gap a little more? Who knows...but I do know that my girls are the reason I do this. Lately they beg everyday to look at as many of these as I will let them. They love sitting and looking through pictures of when they were "little" - and I treasure the time sitting with them as they giggle over all the silly things they did when they were babies! They are growing up so fast...

“A person is neither whole nor healthy without the memories of photo albums. They are the storybook of our lives…”    Patrick Garry

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