Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Those" days - Day 211

Today was one of "those" days. You know the ones...where you wonder where it suddenly went so swiftly downhill? Where you wish there were road signs to warn you what is up ahead so you can check the brakes and prepare? But I'm still grateful for them...because they allow me to find out just how much I trust in and rely on the Lord, even when I don't have time to think about it!

“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.”    Unknown

1 comment:

  1. This really is a great sign & should be on my wall of 'attitude reminders'. When things start going downhill it's good to use a 'lower gear' (downshift the attitude & opinions & comments) for the sake of regret later. Even though things might be going downhill you know it's bound to level out eventually & that's when you want to 'coast' instead of back pedal to clean up any mess along the way.