Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family - Day 108

Every year since we have gotten married, we have gotten a family picture taken, somewhere around the vicinity of our anniversary, to see how we have grown and changed over each new year together. At first, of course, it was just the two of us. Then it grew...bit by bit. One year it included our exchange student from Germany, Melanie - every bit as much a part of our family at the time. We still miss her! And even though at the moment I am behind a couple of years in framing them, we have a wall in our upstairs hallway that we all frequently visit, that has them all hung in order. It still amazes me to see where we have come from, and to dream of where we are going. 

Until a couple of years ago, we always went to Sears. Then we had them taken by friends - who did an amazing job! This year, I had my sis-in-law snap the picture for us with my camera. I think it is one of my favorites! And the funny thing? It totally wasn't planned, so we didn't dress for the occasion- which just means I didn't stress forever in choosing the perfect outfits for all of us! It's just us...ordinary, simple, and everyday...the way I love my family!

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”    George Santayana

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