Sunday, June 3, 2012

Measurements of growth - Day 155

As we are touching up the paint in our house and preparing it for sale, this is one of the things that couldn't stay. I have to admit to being a little say...we moved into this house when our oldest was a little over a year, and about a month before our youngest was born. We have used this wall to measure their growth through the years. And they took it to heart one year, and measured their dolls and stuffed animals on the opposite wall...we had to tell them that as much fun as that was, it wasn't likely to change over the years! We did get a nice piece of wood to transfer all the measurements to, so we don't lose their growth, and that will move along with us to continue to keep track of how they grow. And the beautiful thing is? They WILL continue to grow - no matter where we are! 

 “Grow where you are planted.”   Unknown

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