Thursday, May 10, 2012

Change - Day 131

I don't like change...really never have. It is something that I tend to fight a bit all the time. And sometimes the very change I hate to begin with, once I adapt to it, is something I love. Even knowing that, I still struggle with it. Don't know why - but I tend to be sentimental and attached to the way things are. It is comfortable and familiar and safe. Nonetheless...I am desperately trying to look at each new adventure and change as a chance to take God's hand, close my eyes, and trust HIM with each step of the journey - and to realize that it is a journey. I don't have to get there in one leap - but one step at a time...

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but doing it.”    Greg Andersen

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  1. If we didn't change, we wouldn't grow. If we didn't grow, we would remain young & naive. Is that what God would want for us or would He rather 'help' us through the growing process & hold our hand to ease the 'growing pains'. As we look forward w/ great anticipation to our own change coming in moving to the south, we are also apprehensive w/ the changes ahead, but "we know who holds tomorrow & we know who holds our hand". Change is indeed scary because it's often the unknown, but it's a ride I'm willing to take because it's paved in prayer.