Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little conveniences - Day 32

Okay - don't laugh! Yesterday I realized that life had been a little too busy and crazy for a little two long - because I discovered that we only had one last roll of toilet paper in the house! With 3 girls in the house (counting my two daughters!) - that wasn't a very comfortable place to be! And yet I realize that people survived just fine long before there was toilet paper...and flush toilets...and running water...basically, it is very easy to place a lot of importance on something that I could live without. At the same time, have I really ever stopped to be grateful that someone invented toilet paper? And that my husband has a good job and I can buy toilet paper without even thinking twice about it? Makes you stop and think a little, doesn't it?

“I just want a few things I can treasure. So the things I do have, I’ll appreciate – like toilet paper.”   Alicia Sliverstone

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  1. Yay for such thankfulness! I was in the shower this morning just thanking and praising God for the clean abundance...that I don't often give a second thought to. Blessings to you!