Monday, February 13, 2012

Our cat - Day 44

We really have the sweetest cat in the world I think. He came to us with the name Felix, and it seemed to fit him so we never changed it. He is so mild mannered and sweet - which is the perfect cat to have when you have kids I think! He is completely an outdoor cat, but he spends much of his day looking in the window at us, so we definitely feel like he is part of the family! If he is hungry, he lets us know by either hooking the screen door with his front paw and letting it slam back closed to get our attention, rubbing a wet (and might I add squeaky!) paw on the glass door or window, or just mewing incessantly - with his own peculiar mew - until we come and feed him.  Usually, all of those methods work quite quickly! He keeps my husband company in the garage when he is working on cars or other projects, and generally walks down the driveway with whoever of us drags the garbage can down, or goes to get the mail. But I really am thankful that my kids have the opportunity to have such a sweet and loving pet.

“A man [or child!] who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.”  Mark Twain

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